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University of Houston Black Alumni Association Committees


Executive Committee

The officers of the board shall constitute the executive committee. The officers of UHBAA are: President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian. The executive committee shall be chaired by the current President of the University of Houston Black Alumni Association.

Fundraising and Scholarship Committee

The fundraising /sponsorship committee is comprised of key alumni and friends of the University of Houston Black Alumni Association. Committee members provide comment to UHBAA as it relates to securing revenue for UHBAA’s programs and scholarships accounts.
The Scholarship Committee has oversight for the review and selection of students who will be the recipient of an UHBAA scholarship. The committee also stays connected to past scholarship recipients and keeps them involved with the organization.
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Communication Committee

The communication committee shall ensure all information regarding UHBAA’s activities are communicated to the entire UHBAA membership and friends. This will be accomplished through the use of website, newsletter, e-blast, social media etc. The Communication Committee Chair will stay abreast of all activity planned by UHBAA and ensure this information is communicated to all. The Communication Committee will work with the University of Houston Alumni Association (UHAA) office to ensure news of UHBAA’s activities are captured in all available UHAA communication medium.

Persons wanting to join this committee should possess some of the following core competencies: ability to write press releases, ability to write fact sheets, ability to create e-blasts, ability to create e-newsletters, ability to write news worthy articles, familiar with all types of social media, have contacts in the Houston media, photographic ability and website design ability.

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Events Committee

The Events Committee has oversight responsibility for the following events
  • UHBAA Annual Scholarships & Awards Gala (in partnership with fundraising committee)
  • UHBAA’s Annual Holiday Social (held every December)
  • UHAA’s Dinner for Ten Cougars
  • University’s Homecoming activities
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Membership Committee

The membership committee is responsible for securing new UHBAA alumni members and reconnecting former UHBAA members. This will be accomplished by hosting social events, sending welcome letters to new members, sending reconnect letters to former members, and maintaining membership database. The membership committee will also play a vital role in recommending potential board members to the Nominating Committee, and recommending alumnus for membership on one of the committees of UHBAA.

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